Tenant Maintenance Information

We are glad you have chosen Florida West Coast Property Management to call home!

This page will provide you with a brief overview of how to notify Florida West Coast Property Management for non-emergency maintenance items and emergency maintenance.

Tenants are responsible for keeping the unit in good working condition. The Tenant Handbook covers the tenant’s responsibilities in detail.

Tenant Portal

Upon moving in, you will receive access to your Tenant Portal. The Tenant Portal will allow you to pay rent online, submit non-emergency maintenance request and will provide you with a ledger that will list all rent payment activity.

If you have trouble accessing your Tenant Portal, send an e-mail to your Property Manager or customer service and provide your full name, property address, the e-mail address you provided your Property Manager, and contact number in case we need to reach you by phone.


If a maintenance/service issue should arise, you must log the issue online through the Tenant Portal using your tenant access username and password.

When completing your request, please use the following guidelines:

• Be as detailed as possible when completing your request so our team may assign the best suited vendor/technician

• Please ensure your request includes your name, phone number, best time to reach you and an e-mail address

We do not accept verbal maintenance requests as to avoid confusion and to ensure that we have a clear record of your request.

You may also fax the maintenance issue to 941-306-1592.

Maintenance Emergency

If an emergency requires assistance from police, fire department or ambulance, call 911 first.

For a maintenance emergency please dial: 800-625-4794 and select the emergency option.

A maintenance emergency would include flooding, lack of HVAC when outside temperatures are above 90 degrees, or smell of natural gas.

Additional Questions

Please review your Tenant Handbook for further questions or reach out to one of the Florida West Coast Property Management team members by e-mailing customer service.