Frequently Asked Questions

We ask that you review all information in detail.


How do I tour?

Once you have inquired with us and have an open guest card, we will be in communication and share the direct link to the web advertisement and our next available in person tour day and time. 

Why do I provide my ID for a in person tour?

All persons 18 and over shall send over a valid ID when touring with our agent. We do this for the protection of our touring agent. The ID is logged into your guest card in secured system. 

How do I apply?

Each person 18 and over who will be residing in the home shall complete their own application. Complete the application here.

What are the application requirements or credit score needed?
Do I need to view a home before submitting an application?

No. Applications can be completed at ANY time when a home is actively available on the website.

We do require an inperson tour of the home if it is vacant available.

How do I secure a home that is currently still occupied that is available for the future off the open market?

A fully completed and approved application. You will be invited to be present for a live virtual tour with the agent via whatsapp.

How do I secure a vacant home off the open market?

A fully completed and approved application is required. You will be invited to bring the deposit into the office by appointment. The deposit is paid in certified funds.  We do not accept personal or business checks.

Does the deposit include any rent?

No. The deposit does not include rent funds.

Can I pre pay rent for future months?

No. We do accept rent for future dates of a live lease. 

Can I bring my service animal/ESA?

Yes. We accept all service/ESA with appropriate documentation

We have someone 18 and over but they are a full time student/ or they don't work/ or they just need to be an occupant ,do they really need to do an application?

Yes. All and any person 18 and over must complete their own application and they will be on the lease.

My car is a commercial vehicle with company writing/logo is this permitted?

Please ask for HOA rules and Regs in regard to parking.